Wednesday, April 1, 2009


in the past 3 weeks the following has occurred:

1. i traveled to Hamburg, Germany. Stayed with the most amazing German family. (found on Discovered that Reeperbaun is the scariest place ever. (google it if you dare) Decided that being in Germany was like traveling to 1981.

2. i created a new language: Gertalian. I tried to study for my Italian midterm but 3 years of German was flooding my brain.

3. my mom and sister made it to Florence during my midterms time. i ate dinner out! (not eurostore pasta!)

4. i went to venice again and decided that it is one of my least favorite places here.

5. We (mom, sister) flew to Athens!!!! If you ever get a chance, fly Lufthansa. Germans are SOOO funny. They use tweezers to hand you a hot towel!

6. i mastered the Athens metro.

7. my mom turned 50.

8. i fell head over heals for Santorini and am glad that i WILL go there for my honeymoon. :) The people are AMAZING! we rented a car and drove the whole island. It's where they filmed sisterhood of the traveling pants. Our car rental man worked on the movies! I am going to email him, George, and ask for pictures. (yes, i know this makes me sound about 14 years old.)

9. i love Greek food. people think hummus is greek, but it's not. pita, moussaka, taziki, baklava. so good.

10. I searched endlessly for donkeys to ride. :( (someone said it was too windy for them.)

11. i cried watching a sunset.

12. i took a walking tour of Athens, frantically taking notes all the while. i wish i could retain every last drop of knowledge. The theatres, the history, so powerful and overwhelming. i needed about a week more to take it in.

13. i got frustrated traveling with my family.

14. i prayed for patience.

15. i witnessed the militia parade for Greece's independence day. (there were no clowns. no candy.)

16. my sister turned 24!

17. my family left and i forgot all about previous frustration.

18. was confirmed that something died in the walls of my apartment.

19. i got sick and looked like death. I went to 4 museums in Florence to help cure me, sniffling all the while.

20. i made tiramisu that was a disaster. (not any alcohol will do. aka: absinth.)

21. i missed Greece and watched Hercules twice.

22. i ate all of the tiramisu in 3 days.

23. i decided that i really do love my professors here. especially photography. she is such a beautiful strong female; stands out from her culture quite a bit.

24. i walked by a theatre and cried. it felt like home.

25. i typed a three page itinerary for when Dustin comes here. We skyped. I counted the days: twenty-five left.

and so, tomorrow i am headed to Malta. trying to find a moment to catch my breath while seeing it all. every last drop of it.

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