Monday, April 6, 2009

strong tannins.

today is bustling and full feasting in my world here in Florence. We have a mandatory FOUR course meal tonight, with 4 wines. The beauty is, I just got out of Food and Wine class where we made the most amazing THREE courses (paired with three wines of course.) Not even the condescending and socially awkward large and in charge professor could stand in my way of fully enjoying every last bite.

ah, bliss.

ah, weight gain. i was laying on my back last night thinking about how my hip bones generally protrude fairly high above my stomach area. but, now they are just gentle bumps in the less severe topography of my midsection. :( oh well, i hear you lose it all when you leave...

I hiked through the Cinque Terra yesterday. so so beautiful. it could not have been a better day. ok, coloradans: take the lush greenery in the mesas, mix it with palm trees, vines, and about 20 shades of greenery, beautiful exotic vibrant wildflowers, cliffs, villages, and the sea. oh, throw in a beach and some ports here and there and that's about the recipe for the cinque terra. BELLA

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