Sunday, March 15, 2009

just a little longer.

i've been having such vivid dreams here. realistic and vivid. last night i woke up and i was in grand junction (or somewhere that felt like home) and there was a massive window letting the sunlight fly in and give me a wonderful tingly warm and tired sensation. i had fallen asleep on the floor watching anne hathaway in the princess diaries on my laptop. i knew that dustin would be coming over soon and i could hear my mom doing crafts or cooking. it was wonderfully calm. i remember smiling with my eyes comfortably sealed, "please God, if this is a dream, can i just stay in this a little longer." i laid there in contented anticipation of seeing my best friend.

48 more days. and only 2 days until i see my mom and sister!

midterms are looming! i have mountains of studying and project-ing to finish for this week... it will all be over wednesday afternoon!

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