Thursday, October 29, 2009

blissfully unproductive.

i'm soaking up snow days for all that they are worth! the snow is up to my knees and makes me feel like i'm 7. if only i had some bright coveralls to wear.

Yesterday, I saw this:
today, dustin and i played in the snow until he got too cold. we are making a movie together and it will be epic! (and silly.) stay tuned.

Friday, October 16, 2009


goals for the day:

write 15 of 20 pages of research paper before work. run.

my day so far:

  • woke up. hit snooze on 2 phones (5 alarms total.)
  • tea, yogurt, and granola and being distracted by stupid "balloon boy", aka dustin's neighbor.
  • off to the doctor (1st time in fort collins!)
  • got a wad of earwax removed and i can hear now. received strange looks as i asked the doctor to keep the little remains. I had tubes in my ears when i was a baby, they were supposed to fall out but didn't for 21 years. the left one is now gone! i feel relieved but uneven.
  • home. really healthy lunch after being weighed at the doctors office. (converse weigh a pound each, right?)
  • killed a fly. actually, CONQUERED a fly.
  • tried to work on 20 page research paper due monday.
  • searched for the perfect pandora station.
  • cleaned room.
  • wrote an angry letter to CNN.
  • killed/ Conquered another red bodied bug.
  • changed pandora station.
  • made more tea.
  • did dishes. cleaned up after roommates.
  • started thinking about shoes. wanting some booties like these that i found on a blog i follow:
  • making hot chocolate out of sadness and considering taking a bath and reading time traveler's wife.

deep sigh. tomorrow will be better!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

mountains, (of) crafts, and snow.


i awoke to the wonderful gentle white flurries outside my window and decided to skip class and bury myself in the blankets. Tomorrow two of my incredible friends are getting married in steamboat. (the sad part of snow is driving in it.) i'm making them these hemp pendant lamps with a friend (how crafty of me, i know):
Here's another craft I want to make soon...

Happy Wedding tomorrow Dustin and MK!!!