Sunday, April 19, 2009

shoes and arias.

so, i just googled myself. i'm pretty famous. there is a british karen pringle and an older painter that shares my awkward name as well. fancy that.just got home from la boheme. oh my. still taking it in. a little funny, a little piece of home. it was in st. james church here which is one of the few english speaking churches in florence. the opera was still in italian. but the small audience made me realize that the cliche chatty middle aged women (whom i thought to live only in grand junction) are everywhere! the two that sat behind me pronounced a few key italian words very poorly and loudly, "BRAVI! BRAVI;" they chitter-chattered between EVERY aria; they decided that this production of la boheme was the best in all the world. They were having some serious middle-aged catharsis.

i, on the other hand, was so distracted thinking about seeing my boyfriend in a week, the dress i will wear (found at an antique market this weekend) and trying to solve the dilemma of not having weather appropriate shoes that will match. then, i couldn't stop thinking of the little mountains of bothersome homework that need to be done in order to spend the maximum amount of time with him. the opera was quaint, good, it was two hours that felt entirely like home, for better and worse.

now, time to edit photos for final project time and fill out about 50 more pages of a journal that i should have been filling out for the past 3 months.
*scary doll: found in the antique market which is pictured above.

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