Friday, March 6, 2009

black feet.

just finished cleaning my apartment for 3 hours! generalization: People at this school are extraordinarily flaky. THEY DON'T CALL! i am determined to do my part to be on top of commitments and calling people (which is really good for me as i have been flaky with the best of them... sorry tyler!!!) anyhow, here it is, 11:41 pm and i am just finishing a little dinner in one of my last weekends in Florence (i have travel plans for the rest.) tonight was supposed to be the "secret" bakery... it opens around 2 or 3 am and is the bakery for all of the cafes and such. you go and silently point to what deliciously fresh and piping hot "wholesale" treat you want. hmmm... we'll see. it's in a sketchy area, so i can't go alone. waiting by my phone like a 13 year old girl.

last night i had dinner with some lovely colorado girls and their friends. man, i miss that. same humor, same references. dinner was amazing!!! i brought a desert that got rave reviews :) we had made it in my pairing food and wine class. i modified it a little.

two nights ago one of my roommates and i got ready to go out to a French/ Moroccan restaurant/bar/live music. after a soggy walk in the rain, we find it: closed. :( we settled for Turkish falafel at around midnight. at around 1am we went to take the recycling to bins (a few blocks away.)

"do you have the keys?"
"ummm.... shoot. really?"

our other roommate was gone until 7 the next morning. we walked and made new friends for the next 6 hours. i had nothing with me, no phone. we met up with some little Dutch boys from school. (my roommate has a little crush on one, so she had a wonderful time.) i was just along for the ride. both of our umbrellas broke as we were trying to fashion them into weapons.

a long and memorable night.

i'm headed to Hamburg, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark next weekend!

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