Monday, February 23, 2009

in good company.

yesterday was the closing day of carnival and all the festive italionos come out to show off their fancy costumes. and while florence carnival didn't compare to venice, there was still a good crowd and plenty of decent people watching.

then. i walked right on out of florence with a friend. into fiesole. (google map this.) hours and hours later we were in the most beautiful modern italian villas and neighborhoods that looked out over the valleys of the arno river. we couldn't see much but through the cracks of closed off gates. people are very protective of their views. it smelled incredible. (the first good clean air smell of florence so far.) it was so green and lovely at sunset. i am completely confirmed that i was not made to live in a city. a breath of fresh air, open space. i ate what i thought was an olive from a tree... when in italy, not something i recommend. the sun was nearly set and a nice man asked us if we were lost. we asked him how to get back to ponte vecchio. his eyes got big, "oh, si, you are distant!" we made it back hours later.

i got home and learned the cha cha and some new yoga moves. (my roommates mom is opening a yoga studio and is a yoga addict. she took me through a whole class the other night and i loved it!!!! it was much better than any yoga class i had gone to before. i felt so good. we have a trade-off now, i tutor her in sketching and drawing lessons and she gives me yoga classes. good stuff!) we were all feeling the need for some fresh air, so we went up to piazzale Michelangelo. you get the absolute best view of florence from here. STUNNING! the more i get away from the city and look at florence from differnt angles/perspectives, the more i am loving it! don't go to piazzale Michelangelo on a friday or saturday night. it is very crowded. we went around 11pm sunday night (a good time to go.)

i just found out my mom and siter are coming here in three weeks!!!!!!!! very exciting! they will love it! it will be sooooooo good for them!!!!!

i am off to italian class!

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