Monday, February 16, 2009

from modern to gothic.

so much has happened!
this past weekend i went to venice and the islands of burano and murano. italy/ europe is ever-increasing in its diversity and it is wonderful :) it didn't rain the whole weekend!

first, some updates:
1. i traveled to rome 2 weekends ago and it completely blew me away. i have never been in a place with so much depth and richness. the Colosseum literally took my breath away. the pantheon had previously just been the cover of my trig book book in high school and now it's completely real, completely alive. Rome was so lush and green. It was intensely extant. the contrast of ruins/ history, and beautiful green hills gave the city such a unique pulse. our hotel was amazing (first hot shower in italy! heated towel racks and everything) and the 5 course (2.5 hours) dinner completed my "mountain-top high." go to rome!

2. i moved! housing emailed us and told us that we were moving the next day. (didn't ask... told.) so, we packed and peaced out of the cold shower, no electricity, living ontopofeachother apartment! we loaded up the taxi and moved into one of the oldest buildings in florence right in the heart of the historic district. the building was built in the gothic period.

oh no... getting kicked out of the lab... i will finish this soon! i have tons of homework so wednesday afternoon will be my internet time.

ok. time to finish this. so, new apartment is um... dark but more spacious. It definitely feels more like a home. The tiny gothic windows don't let light in so that just gives me motivation to go out and explore everyday. I just have no concept of time in there (this makes waking up very difficult.) :) i live above a trattoria (restaurant of sorts) and a barber shop. It is a very loud part of town, but i've decided that when you are very tired sirens and cars kind of sound like the ocean... (this is my attempt at playing the "glad game" from Pollyanna.)

3. FUNNY FACE. A little Japanese man sketched my face. He stopped me on the street as i was walking home from class around 9 pm and asked to draw me. I thought it was a stupid Italiano "chiao, bella" boy. but no! it was a nice little man who had an italian fiancee and we sat on the steps of a church and he sketched away. It was so fun! he was totally insane! he would stop every so often and use his pen as a baton and conduct imaginary music with it, eyes closed and all! he wants to sculpt my head... i told him i would get back to him. apparently i make "very interesting facial expressions." haha! i had just had a nose bleed and been crying a little when he found me.

4. VENICE was so incredible! GO THERE! Carnival was so so so so crowded. at one point i used the fur coat of the lady in front of me as a hand warmer. I just nuzzled my fingers right on up in there. nice and warm. i have never experienced anything like it. intricate costumes, beautiful historic setting, tradition, festivities. it was lovely. i got a wonderfully gaudy blown glass ring in murano too!

anyhow. that is that. this is my first weekend in florence. i think i might go for a day trip tomorrow. i am feeling not so great and think i need to have some time to be alone and sketch here.
new italian goals: NO nutella. Do homework on Wednesday nights and Thursday. Make a new friend every week. NO nutella.

I am starting to miss having friends. i really don't want to sound so negative, it's just a little funk i'm in, but gosh, what i wouldn't give to have a good friend here. my roommates are fine, but we just value very different things. (don't tell: i don't really want to travel with them and i don't have anyone here to travel with, talk to.) all in good time. all in God's time. it will be fine. just a little lonely funk. i am very blessed for these experiences.

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  1. I absolutely love reading your blogs I am so thankful I have such a wonderful friend, the funny man who wanted to draw you reminds me of so many experiences in other countries...I love the randomness! I want to come out there with you so bad and see all the things that you are seeing and learn all the things you are learning and struggle like none other (they become some of the fondest memories later). My cabin was called "the cave" so I know the feeling of sleeping forever (plus I'm me)but you can sleep when you're dead so explore on. I am a little mad at Italy for not appreciating you to your full potential, just know that you are VERY LOVED and cared for and I am here for you (with a little prearranged scheduling) if you ever need to talk! God is teaching you so much and you are going to blossom into one beautiful Italian flower! I am praying for you...and remember...after it rains there are puddles to jump/prance in!