Monday, February 9, 2009

hot pants and hunger.

this just in: my inner thighs are burnt. Tonight, after web design i rushed into the asian market before it closed, got told that the store was closing in both italian and chinese. starving after 9 hours of hunger... i really wanted to eat something a little nicer than tomato paste and dollar store noodles. i arrived in the wonderfulness that is my apartment (note sarcasm) cooked up my zucchini, thick sauce, and noodles.

1st bite: so so good.
2nd bite: pasta in my lap like you wouldn't believe. hot hot hot. no dinner, ruined clothes, no washing machine. sad sad.



  1. I worry about you! Please eat every day (like 3 times per day). : )


  2. I agree, with your mother...I wanna see CURVES! (they are a sign of happiness)