Friday, January 23, 2009

dropping eves.

Yesterday I was in the changing room at Herbergers (finally exchanging a Christmas sweater.) I was the only one in the dimly lit row of jenkity dressing stalls. By the way, why do stores put the least amount of energy possible into the lighting design of dressing rooms? Who are these commercial designers, lighting designers, or architects? Don't they know that when the end users, customers, are at their most visually vulnerable, they need to be well lit!?
So, in walks a young couple.
Boy: "Don't take too long, baby. Baby, hurry up. Baby..."
Girl: "Shut up! I want a tatoo. Wait so we can get them together."
Boy: "@#$% NO! I'm not waiting for your mom to let me get a tatoo and I'm not waiting until your 18. Baby, baby, hurry. I want one on my bicep. HURRY."
Girl: "Maybe my mom will let me." (comes out in her dress.) "What do you think. I look fat."
Boy: "Baby, you just need to workout."
Girl: "I have been."
Boy: "Well, you need to do my workout, baby. Baby, I want to refinance my car. I want a new truck. You should work out hard for a few weeks and I bet you'll lose that. You will be hot and I will buy that dress for you. Go change. Baby, hurry. Baby. I am wearing a pink tux to prom, I don't care how much it costs, I am going to look so good. I'm wearing pink and I want you to match. That's final. Hurry up."

REALLY????? Dear Girl: If you read this, you're no treat but please get rid of him like a bad habit, you're 16 and your body is fine! SO SAD!

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  1. My friend and I were discussing the dressing room lighting situation the other day.

    I don't even want to go shopping places that have unflattering lighting in their dressing rooms (Target esp.) even if I like the clothes. I would much rather buy something without trying it on and potentially take an extra trip to the store to return it if it doesn't fit rather than change in dressing rooms whose lighting makes me look like the Cottage Cheese Queen.

    You would think that retailers would catch on by now.