Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cities and plans.

back in my last real semester of college, feeling incredibly nostalgic tonight. have you ever wanted to go back to a certain time and place and just soak in it for a while. i'm finding it very difficult to be in the present right now.

i took a theatre class my freshman year of college with an incredibly quirky professor who said that no one likes a perfect person. no one like someone who has never had a library fine or a parking ticket. i must be incredibly likable because all of these small imperfections are adding up to one large blah mood.

the good news: moods are fickle perspectives and i know that the minute i change my attitude, things will start looking up.

This year has SO many unknowns. maybe the excitement of these unknowns has left me feeling overwhelmed and without a starting place.

good thing i got a new planner yesterday:

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