Friday, October 16, 2009


goals for the day:

write 15 of 20 pages of research paper before work. run.

my day so far:

  • woke up. hit snooze on 2 phones (5 alarms total.)
  • tea, yogurt, and granola and being distracted by stupid "balloon boy", aka dustin's neighbor.
  • off to the doctor (1st time in fort collins!)
  • got a wad of earwax removed and i can hear now. received strange looks as i asked the doctor to keep the little remains. I had tubes in my ears when i was a baby, they were supposed to fall out but didn't for 21 years. the left one is now gone! i feel relieved but uneven.
  • home. really healthy lunch after being weighed at the doctors office. (converse weigh a pound each, right?)
  • killed a fly. actually, CONQUERED a fly.
  • tried to work on 20 page research paper due monday.
  • searched for the perfect pandora station.
  • cleaned room.
  • wrote an angry letter to CNN.
  • killed/ Conquered another red bodied bug.
  • changed pandora station.
  • made more tea.
  • did dishes. cleaned up after roommates.
  • started thinking about shoes. wanting some booties like these that i found on a blog i follow:
  • making hot chocolate out of sadness and considering taking a bath and reading time traveler's wife.

deep sigh. tomorrow will be better!!!

1 comment:

  1. I am loving the booties.
    Also, I am reminded of you frequently.

    Tis the season for tea.
    And strange balloon boys.