Friday, June 5, 2009

chicken soup.

10 things i've learned from my dating relationship of nearly 2 YEARS now:

1. be intentional. in word, in action.

2. there should be an annual rocky movie marathon for healthy relationship maintenance.

3. patience.

4. i don't need to defend myself ALL the time. i have nothing to prove.

5. what it is to truly going after jobs, things that you want, desires of your heart. sleep on a doorstep or two if need be.

6. there is nothing a good bedtime story won't fix. AND i will never outgrow them.

7. the necessity of backing my opinions, beliefs and going confidently and humbly with them.

8. we make an intentional choice to be in relationships and we are completely free to leave them. it's a blessing not a burden.

9. have the "i'm here to see you!" attitude instead of the "i'm here, look at me!" attitude. serving brings so much more joy than pulling attention. God designed beautiful roles for the each gender; for the family. As the man leads in love, the female gets to submit in love and obedience and then they walk side by side, hand in hand.

10. dating is the hardest and most wonderful thing i have ever done. i don't totally understand it, i don't totally understand him. but i think that's the beauty of it, i get to observe and learn and grow and be challenged with my best friend. we are completely able to define and mold our relationship into something entirely unique. i don't want the relationship of my parents, it's theirs, works for them, i don't want the realtionship of his parents, i want exactly what God has for me and as for now, i am so blessed to share this part of my life with a wonderful boy.

dear readers: eventually i'll do a little more europe blogging. i think i'm avaoiding it, because i'm not ready for it to be over. to be here. learning to be right where i'm at, right where God has me.

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